A - D

AD :Assistant Director
AEP :Adolescence Education Programme
AIDS :Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome
AIR :All India Radio
ANC :Antenatal Clinic
ANM :Auxiliary Nurse Midwife
APAC :AIDS Prevention and Control Project
ARSH :Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health
ART :Anti-Retroviral Therapy
AS :Additional Secretary
ASHA :Accredited Social Health Activist
AWC :Anganwadi Centre
AWW :Anganwadi Worker

BCC :Behaviour Change Communication
BCSU :Blood Component Separation Units
BFPNI :Breast Feeding Promotion Network Initiative
BLS :Base Line Study
BMGF :Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
BSC :Blood Storage Centre
BSS :Behavioural Surveillance Survey

CBO :Community- Based Organisation
CCC :Community Care Centre
CD4 :Compact Disc
CDC :Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CHC :Community Health Centre
CLHIV :Children Living with HIV
CMIS :Computerised Management Information System
CoE :Centre of Excellence
CORT :Centre for Operations Research and Training
CPFMS :Computerised Project Financial Management System
CSMP :Condom Social Marketing Programme
CST :Care, Support and Treatment
CT :Cultural Troupe
CVM :Condom Vending Machine

DAC :Department of AIDS Control
DAPCU :District AIDS Prevention and Control Unit
DCGI :Drugs Controller General of India
DD :Doordarshan
DDG :Deputy Director General
DFID :Department for International Development, UK
DFP :Directorate of Field Publicity
DG :Director General
DHR :Department of Health Research
DIC :Drop In Centres
DLLN :District Level-level Network
DPM :District Programme Manager
DPR :Directorate of Public Relations
DRP :District Resource Person
DS :District Supervisor
DST :District Support Team
DWCD :Department of Women & Child Development

E - H

EID :Early Infant Diagnosis
ELS :End Line Study
EQAS :External Quality Assessment Scheme
ESCM :Enhanced Syndromic Case Management

FSW :Female Sex Worker
FRU :First Referral Unit
FICTC :Facilitated Integrated Counseling & Testing Centre
FC :Female Condom
FHI :Family Health International

GRP :Government Railway Police
GKS :Gaon Kalyan Samiti
GIS :Geographic Information System
GIPA :Greater Involvement of People with HIV/AIDS
GFATM :Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

HSS :HIV Sentinel Surveillance
HRG :High Risk Group
HMIS :Health Management Information System
HLFPPT :Hindustan Latex Family Planning Promotion Trust
HIV/TB :Human Immunodeficiency Virus/ Tuberculosis
HIV :Human Immuno-deficiency Virus

I - L

IRDA :Insurance Regulatory Development Authority
IPC :Inter-Personal Communication
INP+ :Indian Network for People Living with HIV/ AIDS
INC :Indian Nursing Council
ILO :International Labour Organization
IL&FS :Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited
IHBAS :Institute of Human Behaviour & Allied Sciences
IEC :Information, Education and Communication
IDU :Injecting Drug User
ICTC :Integrated Counselling & Testing Centre
ICRW :International Centre for Research on Women
ICMR :Indian Council of Medical Research
ICF :Intensified TB Case Finding
ICDS :Integrated Child Development Scheme
IAVI :International AIDS Vaccine Initiative
IAP :Indian Academy of Pediatrics

JSY :Janani Suraksha Yojana
JD :Joint Director
JAT :Joint Appraisal Team

KHPT :Karnataka Health Promotion Trust

LWS :Link Worker Scheme
LAC :Link ART Centre

M - P

MoS :Minister of State
MoHFW :Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
MNREGA :Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
MLA :Member of Legislative Assembly

NABHP :National Accreditation Board for Health Providers

OG :Operational Guidelines

PD :Project Director

Q - T

RBTC :Regional Blood Transfusion Centre

SACS :State AIDS Control Society

TCIF :Transport Corporation of India Foundation
TB :Tuberculosis
TAC :Technical Advisory Committee

U - Z

UNDP :United Nations Development Programme
UNAIDS :United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS
UN :United Nations

ZMQ :ZMQ Technologies for Development